From Tourist to Tour Guide (ish)

After spending the week in Brisbane, Amy and I flew to Melbourne and, as soon as our other friends joined us, the Melbourne adventure began!

I quickly went from being a newly landed tourist to host in “my” city. I figured out accommodation, transit passes, places to eat and visit… Is this part of #adulting?

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The Food

From beautiful brunch places to international chains and experimental desserts, Melbourne has such a wide range of places to eat! Here are a few that we tried out this week!

Higher Ground

A 30 second walk from our Air Bnb, this cute restaurant/brunch place was a dream! Housed in a beautifully old red brick building, the interior was spacious and lively. The coffee was great and the non-traditional menu had some great flavours!

Protip: Go for the great Instagrams, stay for the comfortable couches.

Sexy exterior shot
Sexy exterior shot
Equally sexy interior shot
Equally sexy interior shot
not pictured: Laurie
not pictured: Laurie


I don't even remember what this is... but it was delicious
I don’t even remember what this is… but it was delicious

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is classic North American fare, so we obviously had to buy some in Melbourne. We also got cute paper hats.


who let us do this
who let us do this
the excitement was real
the excitement was real


Okay, so Laurie actually brought us here; I didn’t organise this ~foodventure~, I admit.





The Sites

At this point, there were still quite a few main attractions that I had yet to visit, so I took the opportunity to show my friends around places I had never gone before but also some of my favourite sites. We had an amazing time wandering Sea Life, Melbourne’s aquarium, and the Ian Potter Centre, which houses the National Gallery of Victoria’s Australian artworks collection. We also checked out the Shrine of Remembrance, the Royal Botanical Gardens, and State Library Victoria. To top it all off, we took in some of Melbourne’s finest artworks in the grungiest of places (laneways, anyone?).

Check ‘er out!

Sea Life Melbourne

We beat the rush of kids at the aquarium by being up nice and early and getting to Sea Life at 9am (give or take… we did stop for coffee!), which was totally worth it because there were so many animals to see and plaques to read that it would’ve take FOREVER with a million buzzing children.

The aquarium itself was decently extensive, with glass viewing tunnels, penguin exhibit, and pleeentyyy of fish and reptiles (amphibians, too, I think? I don’t remember…). My favourite part, and the part we spent the most in, was definitely the glass tunnels because it’s absolutely unreal walking under the animals as they glide through the water. The penguins were also adorable and entertaining!

We had so much trouble getting a picture in the tunnels.
We had so much trouble getting a picture in the tunnels.
So much trouble...
So much trouble…




National Gallery of Victoria: Ian Potter Centre

The Ian Potter Centre is where the NGV houses it’s large collection of Australian art, from original aboriginal art to contemporary architectural projects. The most striking piece was obviously the massive inflated baby in the atrium of the Centre, but we highly enjoyed the different sculptures, framed works, and architectural pieces.

I don't know.
I don’t know.
They're both Jewish.
They’re both Jewish.
We take art v seriously.
We take art v seriously.
#aesthetic tho
#aesthetic tho
Light and colour at the Glenn Murcutt exhibit
Light and colour at the Glenn Murcutt exhibit

The Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine is one of the few tourist sites in Melbourne that I keep coming back to because of what it commemorates and also because it’s a stunning piece of architecture.

I probably won’t ever get tired of seeing this site!





The Royal Botanical Gardens

Just a short walk from the Shrine is the Royal Botanical Gardens. The Gardens are an extensive city park with different sections that feature plants from different climate zones. My favourites were the tropical plants found in the greenhouses and the desert plants found on the “volcano” (note: not an actual volcano).






State Library Victoria

This is easily one of my favourite interiors of any building ever. See for yourself why I force my guests to come here (buahaha):




There is obviously WAY more graffiti in Melb than this and, because they basically change on the daily, it would be impossible to keep it. Here are just some of our favourite ones (read: the only ones I can find pictures of??).

sorry, mum
sorry, mum



The Miscellaneous

IDK, please enjoy these random pictures of us, because I sure do. #friendship

not pictured: great dance moves
not pictured: great dance moves



The Takeaways

  • At a certain point of living in another country, you realise that you’ve settled into your surroundings and you make the city yours. It’s a great feeling, especially when the first few weeks are confusing af and the few weeks after that is when homesickness seeps in. Embrace the familiarity.


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