March of the Phillip Island Penguins

Our tour of Phillip Island was the last of our cultural excursions put on by the school. I expected a great experience from this tour, but I wasn’t prepared for how amazing and how cute the experience would be.

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The Outfit

The week that we went to Phillip Island was the week the I decided to dress as comfortably as I could get away with. This meant a flannel shirt, a hoodie, and a knitted toque. To top it all off, I hadn’t shaved for a few days, smh.


The Sites

The tour started off with a trip to a wildlife sanctuary, then a vineyard, followed by some geological formations. Finally, we ended up at the penguin parade!

The Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park

This small wildlife sanctuary is home to some amazing animals found in Australia. There are quite a few koalas, some emus, and a whole mob of kangaroos and wallabies. This sanctuary also houses many bird species, both ones they keep in cages and wild birds that decide to stop by. Here, Carolina got to see and feed her first kangaroo, and I was given the special treat of being able to feed a wallaby joey!





Phillip Island Vineyard & Winery

I was very excited about our second stop on the tour: wine and cheese tasting!

To embark on this culinary journey, we rolled up to the Phillip Island Vineyard & Winery, which is surrounded by absolutely breathtaking hills. All the wines that we were given were made with local grapes and they were paired with cheese made by local farms (so cool!). Needless to say, the whole tour group had a great time at the vineyard.



The Nobbies

With a name like “The Nobbies”, I had no idea what to expect from this leg of the tour.

It turns out, nobbies are outcrops of rock that dot the shoreline on this part of the island. These rocks, along with the strong ocean current, made for spectacular ocean sprays. The beauty of this whole scene was only increased by the setting sun! Honestly, this was such a great treat for my eyes.





Phillip Island Nature Walk

The Phillip Island Nature Walk is home to the absolute highlight of the tour: the Penguin Parade!

The penguin parade takes place after sunset, when the world’s smallest penguins (read: world’s cutest penguins) rise up from the ocean and make their way to their nests. What was so interesting about this mini-migration was that the penguins huddled together in groups and traversed the beach as a unit, rather than sporadically and on their own.

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the penguins as they wobbled up the beach (for their own protection, of course!), so enjoy my picture of them announcing that we weren’t allowed to take pictures (supplemented by pictures I found off of Google).




The Takeaways

  • You can never see too many koalas, penguins, kangaroos, and wallabies in your life. They are just too precious and too dang cute.
  • I say this every single post, probably, but nature is a beautiful thing. Just being able to experience it in some of its rawest forms is absolutely amazing.


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