Perth is very ~foodie~ friendly. I (obviously) couldn’t try out everything I wanted to, but of the places I did go to, here are my favourites!

Yahava KoffeeWorks – Swan Valley

4752 West Swan Road, West Swan WA | 08.9250.8599

The Scoop: Yahava KoffeeWorks (this location specifically… I can’t really speak for the other locations) is a cool little place nestled between vineyards in WA’s Swan Valley. Aside from making great coffee (using “great” as an adjective for coffee in Australia is redundant, I tell ya), they also sell neat coffee-related things and run coffee-tasting workshops! Lastly, the views of the surrounding vineyards from the patio/outdoor area was amazing and made for a great accompaniment to my morning coffee.

I Loved: the outdoor area. It was great to spend a “winter” morning taking in the sun and watching families play. We even saw people working the vineyards!



dis ho.
dis ho.


Sapore Espresso Bar

4/275 Belmont Avenue, Belmont WA | 61.8.9478.1615

The Scoop: Sapore is a trendy brunch/lunch place at a plaza in Belmont, which is strange for everyone because it feels like it belongs to another, trendier part of town (Freo, maybe?). As it states on their website, their food is “not trying to be fancy – it’s just simple, tasty and made from the heart.” However, after seeing my pancakes and my hot chocolate, I think we can all agree that simple & tasty has never been fancier.

I Loved: their serving portions. I was, at first, contemplating getting two meals (those of you who have spent more than 5 minutes with me won’t be surprised by this) because three pancakes didn’t sound like enough, but I’m reeeaally glad I held off on that second order because these pancakes were massive!



High Street Dispensary

33 High St, Fremantle WA | 0407.388.798

The Scoop: Housed in a narrow unit, this cafe is cute and airy! The walls are whitewashed and decorated with wood planters containing an assortment of greenery. The inside seating is limited, but is doubled by their outdoor patio. Other than coffees, they served pressed juices (which I ordered) and muesli bowls (which I also ordered). The owner/manager was super nice and pointed out the High Street coupon in our tourist guides (yay for discounts!).

I Loved: the brick half-wall. It was such a cool and subtle touch to an already sweet interior.

wow model
wow model



Noodle Houses

The noodle houses in Perth served some of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten. I would 100% recommend all of these places for everyone to try out the next time they’re in Perth!

Noodle Forum – Shafto

9 Shafto Lane (Between Murray & Hay Street), Perth WA | 61.8.6114.8443


Lucky Chan’s Laundry + Noodle Bar

311 William Street, Northbridge WA | 08.92278921



Mama Tran – Claremont

St. Quentin Avenue & Bovell Lane, Claremont WA | 08.9284.4243

mamma tran


The Raw Kitchen

181A High St, Fremantle WA | 08.9433.4647

The Scoop: Set in an revamped warehouse, The Raw Kitchen is a delicious restaurant in, you’ve guess it, Fremantle. The building was great, the food (+ smoothies!) tasted delicious, and the staff were super nice! Also, everything on the menu is vegan/vegetarian and some of it is even raw! It’s always a treat to be able to walk in to a restaurant, order anything off the menu and not have to be worried about it containing meat.

I Loved: the warehouse! It was beautiful, light-filled, and airy! The exposed brick on one side & the exposed beams in the ceiling coupled with whitewashed walls & a spiral metal staircase just made for a really unique architectural experience. I can see why other functions such as yoga and wedding receptions are done here!





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