I honestly hope this Instagram account (and subsequent hashtag) is used in irony because, as you are about to discover, Perth is WAY MORE than okay. Upon landing in Perth, I had no idea what to expect thought everything was gonna be SO DIFFERENT. I thought the eggs were gonna taste different, I thought the […]

Getty Villa, 90272

The Getty Villa, high up in the hills of Malibu, is probably my favourite place I had visited in LA this time around. It combined the subjects that I was most interested in learning about during my undergrad: Greek & Roman antiquities and classical architecture which, arguably, are more or less the same thing. Seeing […]

Disneyland, 92802

“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.” ― Walt Disney Company   I absolutely love Disneyland. I’m not saying that I love the long lines and the ridiculously high food & beverage prices, but I honestly didn’t mind them, either. The Mickey Mouse ears that my cousin bought for […]

This Canyon is So Tumblr

Kootenay? More like Koo[I love this place I can’t believe it exists]enay, amiright? The weather was supposed to be meh in southern Alberta this week, which is why I didn’t think I’d be able to explore any of it yesterday. However, the weather cooperated enough to let me explore… British Columbia. Outfit | Food | […]

Damn Good Beer

What memory-stealing, drama-starting, headache-inducing liquid do we all remember from university? That’s right: alcohol. As adults people who have now graduated from university, Tracy, Amy, and I are well versed in the art of alcohol. However, you can always learn more about every topic, even one that you revisited every weekend. So we though, why […]