I honestly hope this Instagram account (and subsequent hashtag) is used in irony because, as you are about to discover, Perth is WAY MORE than okay. Upon landing in Perth, I had no idea what to expect thought everything was gonna be SO DIFFERENT. I thought the eggs were gonna taste different, I thought the […]

Getty Villa, 90272

The Getty Villa, high up in the hills of Malibu, is probably my favourite place I had visited in LA this time around. It combined the subjects that I was most interested in learning about during my undergrad: Greek & Roman antiquities and classical architecture which, arguably, are more or less the same thing. Seeing […]

Disneyland, 92802

“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.” ― Walt Disney Company   I absolutely love Disneyland. I’m not saying that I love the long lines and the ridiculously high food & beverage prices, but I honestly didn’t mind them, either. The Mickey Mouse ears that my cousin bought for […]

Venice, 90291

Ah, the famous Venice, LA. Known for its boardwalk, Muscle Beach, and entertainment, this area of LA is fun, busy, and full of beautiful, beautiful sand. After announcing my idea to walk to Venice Beach from Mar Vista (an announcement which was met with some disbelief and words questioning my sanity), I put on my […]

Goodbye For Now

My last few days in Calgary were very low-key, family-filled, but still a whole lot of fun. Food | Sites | Takeaway The Food For my last few days in Calgary, I wanted to eat at places that I’d been to before and knew I would love. Decidedly, I went to Chachi’s in Sundance and […]

It Got Real || Waterton pt. 2

The much anticipated second installment in the Waterton Lakes National Park series. Outfit | Food | Sites | Architecture | Takeaway The Outfit This is essentially what I wore in part one. Don’t judge. fleece jacket – Eddie Bauer pants, mudstained – American Eagle hiking shoes – Columbia hat – Patagonia The Food Waterton, a […]

This Canyon is So Tumblr

Kootenay? More like Koo[I love this place I can’t believe it exists]enay, amiright? The weather was supposed to be meh in southern Alberta this week, which is why I didn’t think I’d be able to explore any of it yesterday. However, the weather cooperated enough to let me explore… British Columbia. Outfit | Food | […]

Damn Good Beer

What memory-stealing, drama-starting, headache-inducing liquid do we all remember from university? That’s right: alcohol. As adults people who have now graduated from university, Tracy, Amy, and I are well versed in the art of alcohol. However, you can always learn more about every topic, even one that you revisited every weekend. So we though, why […]