From Bondi to Coogee

I’ve come to the conclusion that hiking in Australia can be just as great as hiking in the mountains if you do it properly! And by properly, I mean to take in as many ocean views as you can. Which, if you’re in the Sydney area, means doing the coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee.

10/10, would highly recommend sea-ing these sites for yourself.

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The Outfit

Summer means sun and sun means heat (though I guess it’s technically late spring…). As it was a balmy 26°C that day, I made sure to wear a light shirt and short shorts. A large, waterproof tote for all my relaxing needs completed this look.


The Food

At the suggestion from my friend Nick, I decided to stop by Speedos Cafe at North Bondi to check out their fare. I ordered the soft-shelled crab burger because it sounded absolutely delicious and, guess what? It was.



The Sites

One could argue that this whole walk is considered a “site”, and I honestly would not disagree. The whole experience, from the energy-filled bus ride to soaking up the sun at Coogee, had amazing views.

I’ve split up the coastal walk into three parts (Bondi, Bondi to Bronte, Bronte to Coogee) to make navigating this post easier (I wish life worked this way).

Bondi Beach

Bondi, probably the most famous beach in Sydney was really great! The waves were beautiful, the warm sand felt heavenly between my toes, and the cliffs at the northern tip of the beach were cool. The beach itself is pretty regular compared to the hype that surrounds it, but that doesn’t make it any less great of a beach!

Bondi is the largest/longest of the beaches on the part of the coastal walk that I did, which means that there are tons of places to sunbathe and relax; even a large portion of the grass between the sand and the road was being used as lounging space.

The two Surf Life Saving Clubs (a concept that I was not at all familiar with before coming to Australia) at Bondi are also points of interests. The north SLSC is, architecturally, really interesting and geometric. The south SLSC is home to the best bathing pool I saw that day and you’ve probably seen tons if Instagram posts with it, so check that out as well!



Bae-watching in Australia is my favourite pastime
Bae-watching in Australia is my favourite pastime
I don't even know whose kids these are...
I don’t even know whose kids these are…


Bondi to Bronte

Continuing south from Bondi (past the Instagrammable bathing-pool), I passed amazing sights like Mackenzies Point and Mackenzie Bay. Tamara beach, one of the smaller beaches on the walk, also lies between Bondi and Bronte beach.

My favourite part of this section was Mackenzie Bay, which looked as if entire portions of the rocky coastline had just fallen into the sea, creating intricate formations. Many people chose a boulder, claimed it as their own, and just chilled. There was also a really interesting rug-like pattern etched into one of the flatter rocks (see picture below).



Rug etching! You could set up a full stone dining set here, probably
Rug etching! You could set up a full stone dining set here, probably



Bronte to Coogee

The last leg of the coastal walk (that I did, anyway), was just as exciting as the first. South of Bronte beach lies the Bronte bathing pools, which was cool in that it seemed to one with the cliff it was attached to, whereas the Bondi bathing pools looked very much like pools.

Continuing on, I walked up a hill on a road that was flanked by rock walls, which was an oddly satisfying experiencing; almost like being wrapped in a warm [stone] burrito.

And if thinks couldn’t get any more odd, a portion of the coastal walk had been damaged a few months prior and the detour ran straight through a cemetery! It was really cool to see some really old graves dating back to the late 19th century, however!

Past the cemetery lies Clovelly beach, one of the oddest beaches I’ve ever seen. The oddity starts at how narrow the bay is and how strong the waves were at the mouth of the bay. The beach itself was narrow, but that didn’t stop a lot of people from enjoying the sun and wind on its sands!

Coogee beach, my final destination, was the next beach after Clovelly, with Gordons bay (be prepared for lots of stairs here!) between them. After my two hour, 6 kilometre walk, I spent a good hour or so at Coogee, soaking in the rays and people-watching. #best




The architecture on the walk tho... #FireEmoji
The architecture on the walk tho… #FireEmoji







The Takeaways

  • Though not my first time being alone on this trip, the walk from Bondi to Coogee made me realise how much I love having alone time. I’m normally so extroverted and outgoing that I forget to recharge my battery, but this peaceful and awe-inspiring walk let me do exactly that.
  • This was also one of the first times in a loooong time that I had brought my camera to take ~art~ shots (versus documentative shots) and it was so freeing. It reminded me of my photographic roots, when I would take pictures, almost exclusively, of the wilderness and landscapes that I found myself surrounded by.
  • Basically, I had multiple realisations (I Kylie Jenner-ed so hard) on this coastal walk, so please fly to Sydney and experience it.


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